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The company’s creator, vikas Aggarwal and Akash aggarwal Giridutt sharma, From the humble beginnings of Golden Apple fruit mart pvt ltd

since 2018’ We have been FRUIT / customized gift service provider in the outdoor catering industry. your support not only in Delhi/NCR but in the whole of Indian sub- continent, providing Luxury Indian/ Imported Fresh Fruit Stalls & Exclusive Designer Fruit Concepts in weddings/ receptions/ conferences/ AGM’s/ anniversaries/ Customize luxury gifting etc.

In order to continue offering the same luxury caliber of service and quality that we are renowned for in this fiercely competitive outdoor catering sector, we have steadily kept up with and adjusted to the shifting market trends every year.

Services offered

By Golden Apple

Fruit Catering 

Savor the sweetness of your gatherings with our vibrant fruit catering, a burst of freshness in every bite.

luxury gifting

Elevate your events with our meticulously curated luxury fruit gifting , a colorful array of nature’s finest flavors.

Fruit trading

Fruit fusion is the artful blending of diverse fruits to create unique and harmonious flavor experiences


Luxury fruit setups 


Theme Setup


Theme Setup


Theme Setup


Theme Setup

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Stunning presentations & Luxury fruits


Indian Fruits

Discover the vibrant flavors of India with our premium fruit catering service, offering a curated selection of the freshest and most exotic Indian fruits.


Imported Fruits 

Elevate your events with our exclusive fruit catering service, featuring a handpicked selection of the finest imported fruits from around the world.


Live Thai cutting 

Add a unique touch to your event with our fruit catering service, featuring live Thai fruit cutting demonstrations. Enjoy the artistry and flavor of freshly carved exotic fruits, right before your eyes.


fruit Fussion

Elevate your event with our fruit fusion catering service, blending diverse fruits into unique, flavorful combinations. Experience the creativity and taste of expertly crafted fruit fusions, perfect for any occasion.


fresh platters 

Delight your guests with our exquisite fruit platters, artfully arranged to showcase the freshest seasonal fruits. Perfect for any occasion, our vibrant displays add a touch of elegance and flavor to your event.


From Our Menu

At Golden Apple fruitmart, we think that any gathering, celebration, or event may be enhanced by the abundance of nature. Our menu features an eye-catching assortment of premium, fresh fruits that will satisfy the appetites and satisfy the bodies of your guests.


Freshness Guaranteed

To guarantee the best possible freshness and flavor in every bite, we purchase the ripest and freshest fruits straight from reliable producers.


Variety for Every Taste:

We offer a broad assortment to suit all dietary requirements and interests, ranging from seasonal favorites to tropical delicacies.


Beautifully Presented:

Our expert team artfully arranges each fruit platter and display, turning healthy choices into stunning centerpieces.


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